Terms Beginning with "W"

waffle structural system: A type of two-way cast-in-place concrete roof and floor structural system that uses a square dome with concrete placed on top.

walk-through survey: that portion of the inspection where the inspector makes non-intrusive, visual observations of readily accessible areas of the subject property.

walking surface: the ground or floor surface that meets specific requirements to be accessible to people with disabilities.

wall protector: non-combustible shield between a wall and anything heat-producing for the purpose of reducing required clearance.

well: a means of enclosure that is part of the permanent structure that completely encompasses all or a portion of the climbing space of a fixed ladder.

WHO: World Health Organization

wind uplift: The upward force exerted by wind traveling across a roof.

workmanlike: executed in a skilled manner.

wrinkling: A term used to describe lines and folds that randomly appear in a membrane, usually caused by membrane slippage, and is the result of the slope of the roof such that the asphalt is too viscous or the membrane was not properly attached to the decking.

wythe: A continuous vertical section of masonry that is 1 unit in thickness. It may be independent of or interlocked with the adjoining wythe(s). A single wythe of brick that is not structural in nature is referred to as a veneer. A multiple-wythe masonry wall may be composed of a single type of masonry unit layered to increase its thickness and structural strength, or different masonry units chosen by function, such as an economical concrete block serving a structural purpose, and a more expensive brick chosen for its appearance.