Terms Beginning with "I"

IAC2: International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants

IAQ: Indoor air quality.

ICC: International Code Council

identify: to notice and report.

immediate cost: estimated cost of remedying an existing safety hazard, or repairing a system or component that will likely fail within a year.

imminent danger: a condition which could cause serious or life-threatening injury or death.

indicator compounds: Chemical compounds, such as carbon dioxide, whose presence at certain concentrations may be used to estimate certain building conditions (e.g., airflow, presence of sources).

individual rung ladders: a type of fixed ladder that has rungs individually attached to a building or structure.

infestation: the presence of insects, rats, vermin or other pests.

infill: area of the railing system bounded by the railing posts, cap, rail and the deck.

infiltration: the uncontrolled inward air leakage into a building.

inspect: to examine readily accessible systems and components safely, using normal operating controls, and accessing readily accessible areas, in accordance with these Standards of Practice.

inspected property: the readily accessible areas of the buildings, site, items, components and systems included in the inspection.

inspection: the process of an inspector collecting information through visual observation during a walk-through survey of the subject property, conducting research about the property, and then generating a meaningful report about the condition of the property based on the observations made and research conducted by the inspector.  A commercial inspection requires the inspector to make observations, conduct research, and report findings.

inspector: one who performs the commercial property inspection.

installed: attached or connected such that the installed item requires a tool for removal.

InterNACHI: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

internal drainage: A drainage system on a low-slope roof where water flows from the high points, usually the edge areas, to a built-in drainage system that leads down through the interior of the building.

interview: to discuss with those who have knowledge about the subject property.


IPM: Integrated pest management.

IR: infrared