Inspection Referral Board

The Inspection Referral Board is a platform where inspectors can post or review referrals for commercial property inspections and related services from other members. This feature is useful in cases where you have a client looking to purchase a building outside of your service area, or it’s a job that you are unable to take on or need assistance with. It will help you connect your client with a qualified inspector who can provide the necessary services.

Job Board

The Job Board is a platform for members to post job hiring ads or browse positions with other companies in the commercial property inspection industry. This feature allows members to quickly connect with potential candidates or search for opening that are a good fit for their career goals. This aims to help members make the hiring process more efficient and effective.

How to Use the Referral or Job Board

  1. Click the either the Referral or Job Board.
  2. Click a state.
  3. Browse existing posts or create a new one.

NOTE: Select the “notify me of follow-up replies” box to stay up to date on the post.



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