• How do I write and organize a report for a property containing several buildings?

    In many cases, each building will be materially different. Inspectors will likely need to provide a separate report for each building to convey findings to the client best.

    Question Category: Operations/Report Writing
  • Do I need insurance? If so, what kind?

    It is typically in the inspector’s best interest to carry general liability and E&O insurance. Additionally, many clients will not entertain a proposal without some form of insurance protection.

    Some will ask to be listed as an additionally insured on your policy, including your client, seller, property manager, or broker. The What to Do When the Owner of a Commercial Property Asks the Inspector for a Copy of the Inspector’s Certificate of Insurance or Asks to Be Named as an Additional Insured article provides additional information about this situation.

    Question Category: Operations/Proposals and Agreements
  • Do I need to purchase a specific report writing software to get started?

    No, a specific report writing software is not required to prepare a professional inspection report. Some inspectors choose to create templates in a Word Document or similar format.

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  • Is there a commercial property inspection proposal template available?

    Yes, it is available to members for free. Visit Commercial Property Inspection Proposal Template.

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  • Do I need to provide my clients with a copy of the ComSOP?

    Inspectors are not required to provide their clients with a copy of the ComSOP. However, it is typically in their best interest if it is mentioned at a minimum in the proposal and inspection agreement. When beginning your business, it is best to consult with local council for further advice and guidance.

    Question Category: Operations/Proposals and Agreements
  • How do I start landing jobs?

    The first step is informing others that you offer commercial property inspection services. Residential inspectors or those in related fields should tell their existing client base of their new commercial inspection offerings. Next, create an online presence and make sure you have a listing in CCPIA’s directory. CCPIA recommends FastSite4U for affordable website services.

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  • How do I determine the price for a commercial property inspection?

    View the Resources for Pricing Commercial Property Inspections page for online calculators, articles, videos, and worksheets to help you price a job and set procedures for your business.

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