CCPIA Marketing - Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association

Are you looking for the most straightforward way to market your services? Get CCPIA’s Commercial Property Inspector Marketing Set, which includes:

  • 25 Folders
  • 25 “What to Expect” Flyers
  • 25 “About Our Procedure” Flyers
  • 25 “Types of Properties We Inspect” Flyers
  • 25 “How to Prepare for a Commercial Property Inspection” Flyers

As taught in CCPIA’s Commercial Property Inspection Class, commercial property inspectors need printed marketing materials that are more substantial than a rack card. It must be something designed to court business professionals in large firms, agencies and investors with extensive portfolios – something weighty, organized, and polished.

The CCPIA Commercial Property Inspector Marketing Set conveys that you specialize in commercial property inspections and can be trusted for their next CRE transaction. It is professionally designed and printed to help commercial inspectors bring in new business. It persuades potential clients to hire you and defines your service to retain clients. Getting on the same page with clients is essential. Commercial property inspection jobs are diverse, so being upfront about your service and meeting your clients’ specific needs will make a difference in the long run.

How to Use It

Use this marketing set for advertising your commercial property inspection services to prospective clients, and distribute them at networking events and any other in-person opportunities. If you already work with real estate professionals, give them a folder to inform them that you’ve added commercial inspections to your existing residential inspection services. The prospect may take you up on your new service or know someone else who may be interested.

You can also use this set for presentations to on-board specialty consultants and clients, and for filing essential paperwork and inspection reports.

What to Include

In this folder, you can include your business card and any other marketing materials you have, and a copy of the ComSOP. You may also consider including your CV, a sample report, or a list of your past commercial projects.

It’s a good idea to always keep a set on hand, either in your inspection vehicle or office, to pass along to potential clients and specialty consultants. Know the major CRE players in your area so you can pass along your promotional materials if you ever run into them.

Custom Marketing Material

If you don’t already have custom marketing materials, or if your current materials need to be revamped, remember that members of CCPIA can take advantage of free design services through InterNACHI®, including your logo, business cards, flyers, vehicle magnets, and other promotional items.