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About this video:

The Tramex Dec Scanner is a non-destructive roof moisture meter that can help inspectors efficiently scan large low-slope roof areas for potential moisture-related issues. It works by scanning through the roof’s surface and substrate to detect and track moisture that might otherwise go unnoticed until it manifests as more significant issues. Inspectors can use this tool as a potential selling point to their clients and offer it as an add-on or ancillary service when inspecting built-up roofs, modified bitumen roofs, and single-ply roofs. This demonstration will review the following four-step process: 

  1. Create an inspection checklist. Visit Commercial Property Inspection Checklists and Field Guides to download a defect recognition checklist and field guides for the various types of low-slope roofs. 
  2. Create a map or footprint of the full roof area. Use a hand-drawn map or satellite image to help you keep track of potential issues throughout the inspection and roof scanning process. 
  3. Perform an inspection and log potential issues. Before using the Dec Scanner, perform a visual-only inspection of the roof using your checklist and log potential issues on your map or footprint. Pay special attention to roof-penetrating components, seams, lap joints, and drainage features. 
  4. Calibrate the tool and perform the deck scan. Calibrate the unit in a known dry area and perform the deck scan in a 5-foot grid pattern. Log any moisture readings on your map or footprint. 

If moisture is detected, the unit will ding and indicate the moisture level detected. Inspectors can use this information to provide more detailed insights into the roofing system’s condition, depending on whether high or low moisture levels are detected and around specific issues. If there is an active leak from the interior, inspectors may also be able to pinpoint the source. All this information combined gives clients a more comprehensive understanding of their roof’s condition without invasive testing, such as core samples. Commercial roofs are among the top three most expensive systems to maintain, repair, and replace, so it’s important to address potential issues before they become more significant and costly.

Watch the video for a full demonstration. The Tramex Dec Scanner is available on