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Use CCPIA’s free marketing one-sheets to sell your services to prospective clients.

There are ten different marketing one-sheets for different services. Each of them comes in three different styles/formats, including a ready-to-print PDF, and two editable and customizable The customizable versions are templates for you to add your logo and business information, plus you can tailor the text for specific recipients, and add photos from actual inspections.

NOTE: Some of the free marketing one-sheets contain general information for prospective clients, including “What to Expect” and “How to Prepare,” while others are focused on the different types of commercial buildings that members typically inspect.

Tips for Using the Commercial Inspection One-Sheets

There are a number of ways that inspectors can use these one-sheets to market to prospective clients, including:

  • Marketing folders. Put together a marketing folder to advertise your services to prospective clients, and distribute them at networking events and any other in-person opportunities. If you already work with real estate professionals, give them a folder to inform them that you’ve added commercial inspections to your home inspection services.

In this folder, you can include basic items, like your business card and any other marketing materials you have, and a copy of the ComSOP. You may also consider including your CV, a sample report, or a list of your past commercial projects.

  • Email. Send an email with a marketing one-sheet as a PDF attachment to your existing real estate connections informing them that you now offer commercial inspections. If you have an existing mailing list, use that.

NOTE: Inspectors should be careful when sending unsolicited emails. Be sure that your recipients have opted in to receive marketing and announcement-type emails from you. Otherwise, your email will be sorted as spam and be delivered to the recipients’ junk email folder, even when you’re communicating with existing clients about a current project.

You could also use the one-sheets to distinguish yourself as a professional with clients who have already hired you.

Include a specific building type one-sheet, such as “How to Prepare” and/or “What to Expect” when also sending the following documents:

NOTE: If much of your process is done via software, take the time to customize the documents to your liking, then upload them into your platform so you’re ready to go when the time comes.

Benefits of Using the Commercial Inspection One-Sheet

In short, since the one-sheets provide the basics about commercial inspection services, incorporating them into your marketing strategy and regular communication with existing clients will:

  • communicate to your client that you perform your inspections using an approved standard;
  • help manage their expectations about the inspection; and,
  • most importantly, limit your liability.

Additionally, the easiest way to get repeat business is by providing a positive client experience, and the one-sheet will help you do just that by keeping communication clear and organized. Even if just one of these one-sheets is passed along to someone who is buying, selling, or even planning to in the future, it could result in an inspection appointment.

Get Started

To get started, read the one-sheets available and develop a plan. If you’re going to use the customizable one-sheets, have a .PNG of your logo ready and any inspection photos so that you can easily plug them in. Then, convert the Word.doc to a PDF, and you’ll be ready to email it or print it to add to your folder, or snail-mail it as part of your marketing campaign.

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