The Notice of Inspection Letter to Building Occupants includes sample language for inspectors to send to the subject property’s occupants. The letter will inform the building’s occupants of the upcoming inspection, and the date and time.

It can also serve as a start to the research portion of the inspection, with the option to include a Pre-Inspection Questionnaire, and your introduction for any personal interviews on the date of the walk-through survey.

Any building occupants are technically a third party to the inspection. Therefore, you must get permission in writing (typically noted in the Scope of Work Agreement) from your client to inform the building’s occupants of the inspection. Permission from your client is of the utmost importance because, in some cases, a seller may not want the building’s occupants to be alerted to the potential sale of the property until they can make the notification themselves.

This letter can also be adapted to be sent via email.

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