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The Commercial Property Inspectors Roundtable Meeting is a monthly meeting hosted by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) for inspectors across the nation to gather and discuss business development opportunities and strategies.

Participants shared their insights on regional market conditions, specific inspection protocols, and effective marketing strategies for growing their businesses. Key points included the significance of client-based marketing over realtor referrals, the need for SEO optimization, and the benefits of sharing visual content online.

Market Updates and Inspection Protocols:

  • Discussion on current market conditions in different regions, including the Carolinas and Texas.
  • Specific inspection requirements for commercial properties, such as garage door safety stops.
  • Clarification on commercial versus residential inspection standards and protocols.

Marketing Strategies for Commercial Inspections:

  • Emphasizing client-based marketing over realtor referrals for more effective outreach.
  • Opportunities to market inspection services directly to insurance agents. Insurance companies are starting to require multi-family properties to be inspected for safety and condition.
  • Increasing demand for mold inspections in commercial buildings. Inspectors should verify they have proper insurance coverage. 
  • Strategies for improving SEO and online presence, including frequent updates with photos and relevant keywords.
  • Importance of joining industry associations and participating in networking events to increase visibility and build connections.

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To register for an upcoming meeting, visit the Commercial Property Inspectors Roundtable Schedule.