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Join us at InterNACHI’s Annual Professional Inspectors Convention in Orlando on October 10th-12th, 2024. We will be hosting a Dinner and Networking Event and a Commercial Property Inspection Workshop Track. The track includes options for home inspectors interested in adding commercial inspections to their services and for commercial property inspectors to sharpen their skills. The instructors are among the best in the industry and are bound to teach valuable takeaways for success. We’ll also have a booth at the event, so stop by and say “hello”!

Review the information below for a list of events, workshops, and instructors. The workshops will be approved for various continuing education credits for home inspection state licenses and InterNACHI®. For the workshop schedule and to register for the event, visit:


Lance Coffman

- Focus Building Inspections & Forever Home Inspections

Commercial Property Inspectors Roundtable

Whether you’re considering a career in commercial property inspection or are a seasoned professional, this meeting, hosted by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA), is for you. We’ll start with a catered dinner and set the stage for engaging discussions. Throughout the evening, we’ll provide discussion prompts to fuel conversations about all things commercial at your table. We’ll then spotlight success stories from commercial property inspectors and open the floor for a discussion on strategies to scale your business. Connect with fellow inspectors, develop meaningful relationships, and share invaluable insights. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your commercial property inspection career! And yes, dinner is on us.


Rob Claus

- CCPIA Director of Education

Five Steps for Getting Commercial Property Inspection Jobs

Securing commercial inspection jobs entails a different referral pattern than residential inspections, and knowing how to navigate through the differences is important. We’ll discuss your image and branding, sales and marketing, proposals and building your report, selling yourself to prospective clients, and selling yourself even during the inspection. You’ll walk away from this two-hour session with a firm idea of the steps you need to take to get started in this lucrative field.

Performing Multi-Family Housing Inspections as a Commercial Property Inspector

We’ll look at multi-family properties through the lens of a commercial property inspector, and go over the differences and similarities between a residential versus a commercial inspection. This is a great stepping stone-type of property for residential inspectors getting into the commercial sector. We’ll review processes and procedures for devising an organized plan. Many of these buildings have similar systems, like the HVAC and electrical, so organization is vital. We’ll perform a mock inspection, and review an actual inspection report.

Commercial Fire Door Inspections

We’ll learn how to perform fire door inspections in accordance with the ComSOP’s Section 17 International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors. Many commercial buildings are required to have fire doors periodically inspected to ensure that the door is in a state of readiness during a fire. Key topics we will cover include understanding fire doors purposes, when and where fire doors are typically found, different types of fire doors, the inspection and testing process, and reporting basics. Offering fire door inspections can be a profitable addition to your commercial inspections or as a standalone service.

Dillon Winiecki

- Owner Arizona Commercial Property Inspections & Protect Property Inspections

Adding Commercial Property Inspections to Your Multi-Inspector Firm

We’ll discuss expanding your multi-inspector firm by adding commercial inspection services. We’ll cover the rationale for this expansion and cover diversification, higher fees, steady demand, professional growth, and the basics, like commercial regulations, codes, ComSOP compliance, insurance coverage, and the differences in property types. Even if you’re not a multi-inspector firm (yet), this session will be informative for tips on subcontracting, leadership, training, and education.

Brian Burns

- Level III Master Thermographer

How to Successfully Apply Thermal Imaging in Commercial Environments

Properly applying thermal imaging requires a skilled operator who’s knowledgeable in the physics of thermography, camera operation, and measurement techniques. This two-hour workshop will cover the most important considerations when applying thermal imaging in commercial applications, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. We’ll also review examples of applications, and different cameras and their capabilities.

Ryan Walker

- ETS Environmental & Associates, LLC

Understanding the Basics of Phase I ESAs and How to Market Them

We’ll review the historical background, purpose, and critical components of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). This is the first step in being able to understand reports and know what to look for during a site visit, as well as during a records review. Learn about Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC), Controlled REC (CREC), and Historical REC (HREC), as well as distinctions between Phase I, Phase II, and remediation. We’ll also cover strategies to effectively market Phase I ESA services, including cultivating partnerships with local environmental consulting firms.