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The Commercial Property Inspectors Roundtable Meeting is a monthly meeting hosted by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) for inspectors across the nation to gather and discuss business development opportunities and strategies.

Participants shared their insights on regional market conditions, specific inspection protocols, and effective marketing strategies for growing their businesses. Key points included the significance of client-based marketing over realtor referrals, the need for SEO optimization, and the benefits of social media. 

Inspection Protocols

  • Discussion on specific inspection requirements in NFPA 99 for receptacle testing in patient care rooms in medical facilities.
    • Some of the requirements include: 
      • Physical integrity of each receptacle
      • Continuity of the grounding circuit
      • Correct polarity
      • Retention force
    • More on this standard needs to be researched but these facilities require annual receptacle inspections.
  • Discussion on insurance limitations when providing specialized inspections, like those in medical institutions.

Market Updates and Marketing 

  • Review of current market conditions in different regions. 
    • Trend of increased business through referrals, word of mouth, and social media advertising.
  • Review of strategies for navigating slower markets include enhancing marketing efforts and building relationships with commercial agents.

Upcoming Events and Continuing Education


To register for an upcoming meeting, visit the Commercial Property Inspectors Roundtable Schedule.