• Where can I find technical illustrations for kitchen inspections?

    Visit the Kitchen Gallery. Members can download and use the images for educational purposes or inspection reports.

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  • Do you have any checklists for inspecting cooking areas?

  • Should I operate commercial kitchen equipment during an inspection?

    The ComSOP does not require the inspector to operate commercial kitchen equipment.

    Question Category: Technical/Cooking Area
  • Should I inspect a kitchen’s cooking equipment during a restaurant inspection?

    Section 6.5.13 of the ComSOP outlines inclusions and exclusions for inspecting cooking areas. Most notably, the inspector should assess the ventilation system for cooking equipment. Since cooking equipment can be complicated, some inspectors choose to have kitchen employees or an appliance specialist attend the inspection. Note: Inspectors should verify insurance coverage before inspecting commercial kitchens to ensure proper coverage and verify limitations.

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    Question Category: Technical/Cooking Area