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About this video:

This video provides an overview of Type I exhaust hoods in commercial kitchens. Type I hoods, also known as grease hoods, are designed to remove heat, smoke, condensation, and other grease byproducts of cooking. They should be above appliances like ranges, deep fryers, griddles, grills, woks, char broilers, tilting skillets, braising pans, and open-flame stoves. The main components in Type I exhaust hoods that the inspector should be able to identify include baffles and grease containment devices, hood lighting, cleaning tags, as well as fire protection elements.

The ComSOP requires a visual-only inspection and does not require an assessment of grease-removal devices, drip trays, or grease filters. Inspectors should test and inspect with caution based on their best judgment, comfort level, and client’s needs.


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