A lot can go wrong while you are away or in-between tenants. This periodic inspection is designed to keep you apprised of what is happening at your vacant, abandoned, or partially occupied property and alert you to anything that might require immediate action. This inspection is useful for absentee owners, abandoned buildings, vacation homes, and properties that are rented out.

Vacant property can be negatively affected by:

    • wind;
    • rain;
    • snow;
    • hail;
    • plumbing leaks;
    • roof leaks;
    • HVAC failure;
    • freezing;
    • water intrusion;
    • mold;
    • vegetation;
    • burglary;
    • vandalism;
    • squatters; and
    • pests.

Types of Inspection Services

    1. Exterior Inspection
    2. Interior Inspection
    3. Insurance Compliance Inspection
    4. Mortgage Field Inspection
    5. Recurring/Periodic Inspection
    6. Visual Inspection

Vacant Property or Abandoned Building inspection, Do I Need One?

Vacant Property Abandoned Building Inspection

Yes, a commercial property inspection should be performed on all vacant properties or abandoned buildings. The frequency of an inspection (weekly, monthly quarterly, etc.) will vary depending on the building’s current condition, geography, and environment. Even commercial properties that are turn-key or located in the safest places will experience complications ranging from various safety hazards or become a shelter for criminal activity. Additionally, some legislation, insurance policies and lenders require vacant properties or abandoned buildings to be periodically inspected.

Every project is different. Let us help you determine exactly what inspection package would best serve your needs. Find a local commercial property inspector by contacting us or visit Find a Commercial Inspector to search locally.