About This Accessibility Inspection Report
Various laws around the world require public accommodations to provide goods and services to people with disabilities on an equal basis with the rest of the general public.  Businesses benefit from the patronage of all people. Those who own, lease, lease out, or operate places of public accommodation or commercial facilities should have as a goal the identification and reduction of physical barriers to this patronage.  This inspection report will help identify possible accessibility deficiencies in existing facilities.

Who Must Comply
Most laws regarding accessibility regulate only new construction and remodeling and do not oblige existing building owners to reduce barriers if such reduction is not readily achievable.  This report does not cover all of the possible local, state, provincial or federal requirements regarding accessibility or barrier reduction. The information presented within this report was derived from a visual-only inspection of the property, and is intended solely as informal guidance, and is not a determination of legal rights or responsibilities.

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA), a civil rights law, includes provisions in Title III that require the removal of barriers to places of public accommodations and compliances with accessibility requirements for new construction and alterations applied facilities recognized as a “public accomodation” or “commercial facility.”

Issued under Title II and III of the ADA is The American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). It is the standard used for public accommodations and commercial facilities and provides the scope and technical requirements to ensure that a building is compliant with Title III of ADA. Read CCPIA’s article Scope of ADA Title III for Accessibility Inspections for more information.

Stand-Alone Inspection Service Option
This report may be offered in conjunction with a complete commercial property inspection or offered as a separate, stand-alone inspection service. CCPIA members that offer Accessibility Inspections should link to CCPIA Standards of Practice.

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