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About this video:

Sometimes inspectors ask, “what is included in an inspection of a single suite or unit?” This video helps answer this question, starting from the moment the inspector arrives on-site and meets the client. It emphasizes the crucial step of setting the stage for the client by clearly reiterating the scope of the inspection.

During the initial meeting, the inspector should inform the client that the inspection will cover all elements that can potentially affect the suite, including those within its four walls. The inspector should take into account factors like the building’s roof, parking areas, and landscaping, as they can indirectly impact the suite. However, HVAC equipment and other systems belonging to other suites are usually not included in the inspection. Any off-access areas may be identified and excluded during this stage.

This procedure not only allows the inspector to establish a rapport with the client but also provides a last-minute opportunity for the client to make any necessary amendments to the inspection scope. While the scope is generally discussed during the proposal process, this final overview ensures that the client’s specific needs are met and guarantees a positive overall experience.


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