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Digital marketing is an essential part of getting new business. It offers benefits to new and experienced commercial property inspection companies. Some digital marketing methods require a significant amount of time to see a return, while the benefits of PPC advertising campaigns can be seen in a short amount of time, if done correctly. PPC advertising campaigns get your business’s website at the top of search results, but it requires well thought-out implementation.

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC, which is short for pay-per-click, is a type of internet marketing in which the advertiser pays a fee each time their ad is clicked. It is essentially a method to pay for visitors to your site, instead of driving those visits organically.

The most popular form of PPC is search-engine advertising, and these ads appear when someone makes a search using a search engine. Although there are various PPC advertising systems, the most widely used is Google AdWords. This system allows its users to create ads and campaigns through a type of auction system in which you are bidding on keywords. The fee charged per ad is based on the keywords you bid on. Since you have to pay for each click, it’s important to bid on keywords that are relevant only to your business. Your ad will appear when someone conducts a search that includes the keywords you bid on.

When performing a search, the search results will show ads designated with a bolded “Ad” next to the listing, and they typically display above and to the right of organic listings

CCPIA Google SearchWhat Are the Benefits of PPC Advertising?

One of the main benefits of PPC is that it drives instant traffic to your business. Organic search traffic can take many months or more to slowly work their way up the search result pages, while PPC ad slots are there and waiting. Even if you are years behind your competitors, PPC is a quick entry into marketing your business. The traffic from PPC can drive warm leads, and it puts you in front of customers who are already interested and searching for your services.

By displaying ads, your exposure is maximized, as you will be visible to potential clients who otherwise wouldn’t have seen you. This can help drive brand awareness over the long term, even if people don’t click on your ads at first.

And with the use of Google AdWords in combination with Google Analytics, you can view and track a seemingly endless amount of data. This allows you to be extremely specific about who can see your ads. You can also view the stats on how your campaigns are performing, giving you the ability to dial in each campaign so it performs its best.

As a commercial property inspector, whose business is typically local and is a specific service, PPC advertising is a great way to drive clients to your business, as you can funnel in all the people who are searching for an inspector in your area. There is little risk in testing everything out, and you can gain a wealth of information and data to further your other marketing efforts. Results are also practically instantaneous, and the moment you start your PPC campaign, you can start appearing at the top of search results instead of waiting months to achieve the same level of ranking.


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