CCPIA has created a Multi-Unit Inspection Fee Calculator to help inspectors determine what to charge for inspecting apartment complexes, condominiums, townhomes, hotels, motels, and other multi-dwelling or lodging properties. Bids are calculated based on the cost per the size of the property and an additional flat fee per unit. The flat fee accounts for inspecting the systems and components and other features in each unit.

The calculator allows users to customize a fee schedule and store the values in their accounts for future calculations. Fee schedules will differ between users. It is up to the inspector to determine their fee schedule based on their business model and market. We encourage users to experiment with its settings until they’re satisfied with the prices. The calculator allows you to email the suggested bid to yourself for reference to plug into your commercial property inspection proposal.

The calculator is exclusively for CCPIA members and can be used an unlimited number of times.

Interested in calculating a fee to inspect other types of commercial buildings? Review Instructions for the Commercial Property Inspection Fee Calculator. It calculates bids for retail buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, restaurants, schools, churches, medical facilities, and similar commercial spaces.