The fee calculator can help you determine what to charge for a commercial property inspection. Bids are calculated based on the cost per the size of the building. You can customize a fee schedule and store the values in your account for future calculations to bid jobs more accurately and consistently.

Step 1: Customize Your Fee Schedule

The fee calculator will prompt you to enter the price you charge per square foot for various building spaces, including commercial space, industrial space, and other spaces. The following types of buildings may fall under these categories:

  • Commercial spaces: retail suites, grocery stores, shopping centers, malls, office suites, office buildings, medical suites, restaurants, etc.
  • Industrial spaces: warehouses, light assembly facilities, print shops, data centers, showrooms, cold storage buildings, etc.
  • Other spaces: schools, movie theaters, churches, medical facilities, warehouses, etc.

Need help bidding on multi-dwelling and lodging properties? Use the Multi-Unit Inspection Fee Calculator.

Next, the fee calculator will prompt you to enter the price you charge extra (per year) for older buildings and the price you charge extra (per story) for taller buildings.

The specific types of spaces under the three categories and the various set rates are based on your business model and are very market-driven. Therefore, categorize the types of buildings you commonly inspect and customize your fee schedule accordingly.

NOTE: Click the “Save Value” button at the bottom of this section to store the values in your account for future bids.

Step 2: Calculate a Fee

The fee calculator will prompt you to enter information about the property you’re bidding on, including the property’s address, the size of each building space, the building’s age, and the number of stories. You should carefully consider the types of spaces included at the subject property to provide an accurate bid. For example, a property could enclose office suites and a warehouse under one roof, which entails different costs for each space.

There are several ways to gather this information:

1. Ask your client over the phone.
2. Conduct online research.

3. Search for the property on, MLS, and Google Satellite.
4. Visit the property:

a. Observe it from your vehicle.
b. Schedule a meeting with the client at the property.

The fee calculator will also prompt you to enter the number of additional services or flat fees to add to the bid, such as travel expenses, specialty consultant fees, ancillary services, etc.

Step 3: Generate the Suggested Bid

The suggested bid is automatically calculated as you enter the subject property’s details in Step 3. Under this section, you can also elect to have the bid details emailed to you.

CCPIA’s Commercial Property Inspection Fee Calculator will take time to customize to your business. We encourage you to experiment with its settings until you’re satisfied with the prices.

If you’re interested in learning about other methods for calculating a commercial property inspection fee, read How to Price a Commercial Building Inspection.