Members of the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) receive a custom one-page profile free with their membership (mobile-friendly). This one-page profile will have the following features customized to your commercial business:

  • Business logo placement
  • Business name and contact information
  • Inspector’s name
  • Inspector’s credentials and brief bio
  • Map of service area
  • Description of service area
  • Description of inspection services
  • List of specific inspection/ancillary services
  • Contact form that sends leads directly to provided email address
  • Color scheme that matches your logo

Why You Need One

An important first step in marketing your commercial inspection services is having an online presence that explains your services and relevant qualifications to specifically perform commercial property inspections. This is especially important if you’re expanding your existing services, such as residential inspections. To successfully adapt to the commercial sector of the inspection industry, you should consider the clientele you want to target and then tailor your marketing to suit that audience. A custom one-page profile will do just that.

How to Use It

This free custom profile can be linked from CCPIA’s “Find an Inspector” search engine for use by consumers. This is especially useful for those entering the commercial sector of the inspection industry who currently have a profile that exclusively promotes residential services. This free custom profile can be a standalone commercial site, or it can be linked to the main menu of your existing residential website as a new “Commercial Inspection Services” tab.

The specific use you choose for your one-page profile is part of the bigger picture related to your business plan and how you choose to market your commercial inspection business online. For example, some inspectors choose to offer commercial inspections as an ancillary service, while others operate under a standalone sister company only for commercial inspections. At the very least, your one-page commercial profile will enhance your overall SEO and boost your online presence as a commercial property inspector. And if you’re new to the inspection industry altogether, this will help you get started.

NOTE: It would be best if you thought about this free one-page website as a profile dedicated to commercial services. Ideally, to achieve successful branding, you should have a website that has the same look, feel, and message as your other marketing (business cards, flyers, websites, etc.). However, we will customize your color scheme to match your logo.

Get Started

CCPIA’s free custom one-page profile template is designed with a single purpose in mind: To generate commercial inspection business for the inspector. Before getting started, log in and read Creating the Best Free Profile Through CCPIA to get the most out of this valuable membership benefit.

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