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Members of CCPIA are eligible for a free copy of Commercial Property Maintenance by Scott Harris, CMI®. He has 35+ years of international engineering, construction, and inspection experience. He is also the instructor of CCPIA’s Commercial Property Inspection 2-Day Boot Camp.

This book provides excellent insight for commercial property inspectors. It reviews the items of concern and procedures for maintaining a commercial property.

The summary reads:

There are few comprehensive sources for maintenance of a commercial property. Commercial Property Maintenance was written to fill this void. The contents of this book are an overview of maintenance recommendations for most types of commercial property buildings. This book is based upon the basic premise of long-term preservation of the subject property as a means of preserving its value and controlling maintenance costs. Predictive and Preventative maintenance is good capital management, reactive maintenance is not. Deferred maintenance erodes property value and increases the cost of necessary subsequent repairs exponentially.

If you are a CCPIA member, email to get your free copy. Please include your shipping address.