CCPIA’s Inspection Fee Calculators include a feature that allows users to easily generate a proposal for prospective clients based on the calculator’s suggested bid. After computing a bid that you’re satisfied with, select the checkbox for the proposal under Step 3 to get started.

Step 3 of Inspection Fee Calculator

The proposal form generated by the calculator auto-populates information about the bid and subject property, plus your company’s details from your CCPIA account into a fillable PDF. You also have the option to upload a business logo and digitized signature.

The final step is to fill out the form using your browser or computer’s PDF viewer. The form includes spots for you to customize the proposal for your business and prospective client’s job, including a bio about your company and experience, a description of the property, specifics about the scope of work, retainer and fee details, and more. Once completed, download it and send the inspection proposal to your prospective client.

Use the following fee calculators to write an inspection proposal:

The calculator and inspection proposal fillable PDF is free for CCPIA members and can be used an unlimited number of times.

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