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About this video:

Follow along for an exterior inspection of a mixed-use office and warehouse building. We will guide you through inspecting items within the ComSOP scope and highlight deficiencies found at this property. Some of the keys items and considerations for inspecting and reporting include: 

  • Signage and Landscaping:
    • Importance of clear address signage for emergency services.
    • Identifying overgrown landscaping that obstructs visibility or results in other safety hazards. 
  • Paving: 
    • Assessing asphalt and concrete condition, drainage, and slope.
    • Noting prior repairs and the need for maintenance. 
    • Identifying and documenting key drainage features and potential issues.
  • Drainage Features:
    • Examining grass areas and trough drains for positive drainage away from the building.
    • Identifying low spots and catch basins and checking for blockage. 
  • Doors, Windows, and Lighting: 
    • Inspecting exterior doors for functionality and accessibility.
    • Evaluating fixed-pane windows and noting sealant and gasket issues.
    • Ensuring exterior lighting is operational and noting any issues. 
  • Siding: 
    • Assessing precast tilt-up concrete panels and seams for proper sealing.
    • Examining the transition areas from concrete to steel siding and noting potential issues. 
    • Highlighting areas with advanced rusting that may indicate potential water entry points and structural issues.
  • Garbage Corrals and Safety Concerns:
    • Assessing the condition of garbage corrals and noting impact damage and lack of locking mechanisms.
  • Fire Hydrant Location:
    • Identifying the nearest fire hydrant and ensuring proper clearance.

The exterior portion of an inspection provides inspectors and their clients with important information about the general condition of a property. It also highlights areas that require further evaluation during the interior and roof inspection portions.  The exterior of a building not only creates the first impression for visitors but also includes key safety and accessibility features that should be inspected and reported. 


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