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The ComSOP requires inspectors to inspect a representative number of windows. This means you should inspect a sample that would provide a reliable indication of the overall condition of the windows. The representative number may also be influenced by factors such as time, budget, client preferences, and potentially hindered access areas. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. The image below represents some of the varieties.

The most common window found on commercial properties is the fixed window. A fixed window has a non-operable glass pane and could be a group of large windows each separated by a vertical support. Windows are set within a frame and glass panels are secured in place using a window gasket, which is a flexible seal made of rubber or vinyl. It creates a watertight and airtight barrier between the glass and the frame and is readily visible. Many operable window types, like single-hung windows, are found at multi-family properties.

The most common issue found is failed window gaskets. They tend to open and become loose due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is important for windows to remain sealed to prevent moisture entry. You may notice water intrusion at the building’s interior if there are gaps or breaks in the gasket. Other common issues include physical damage or obviously failed window seams. Failed window seams are evidenced by visible condensation or fogging between two pieces of glass.


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