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The Commercial Property Inspectors Roundtable Meeting is a monthly meeting hosted by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) for inspectors across the nation to gather and discuss business development opportunities and strategies.

This month the focus was on pricing strategies and business development. Participants share their experiences, advice on determining pricing per square foot, and insights into navigating the commercial inspection industry. Key points include understanding the variability in pricing based on building size and type, the importance of flexibility in pricing, and the strategic use of digital marketing to attract clients.

  • Pricing Strategies for Commercial Inspections:
    • Strategies for overcoming limited market awareness of commercial inspections.
    • The benefits and considerations of creating a separate website dedicated to commercial services.
    • Expanding client base through non-traditional referral sources such as direct business outreach rather than relying solely on realtors.
  • Getting in front of Realtors instead of buyers
    • How to get the word out
    • Networking
    • Google ad campaigns
    • Using the clients to get to the Realtors
  • Networking and Building Industry Connections:
    • Techniques for engaging realtors and educating them about the value of commercial inspections.
    • Importance of active participation in industry associations and networking events to increase visibility.
  • Leveraging Digital Marketing:
    • Implementing Google Ad campaigns to attract commercial inspection clients.
    • Utilizing client interactions as opportunities to connect with realtors and broaden referral networks.
    • Best practices for managing online ad budgets and maximizing return on investment.


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To register for an upcoming meeting, visit the Commercial Property Inspectors Roundtable Schedule.