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In this episode of “Building Your Business,” host Rob Claus interviews Ian Schroff, an expert graphic designer from InterNACHI®. The discussion focuses on some of the best practices and five key elements that all marketing collateral must have, as well as design pitfalls and things to avoid. His experience lies in creating inspection-related marketing collateral for both residential and commercial property inspectors. The main discussion points include:

  • InterNACHI® and CCPIA®
    • InterNACHI® offers free design services to their members
    • Members only pay for printing and shipping.
    • CCPIA® members who are also InterNACHI® members can have their CCPIA® logos and credentials added to collateral designed by InterNACHI®.
    • Access design services through InterNACHI’s website and order forms or Inspector Outlet.
  • Ian shows the five “golden rules” of any design
    • Understand Your Audience: Tailor marketing materials to the target audience.
    • Keep It Simple: Avoid overwhelming the audience with too much information.
    • Hierarchy: Highlight the most important information first.
    • Colors and Visuals: Use appropriate colors and images to reinforce the message.
    • Repetition and Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand identity across all materials.
  • Ian shows examples of effective marketing pieces for commercial property inspection companies.
  • Design Pitfalls and Things to Avoid
    • Avoid overcrowding information and using low-quality images.
    • Be mindful of color choices to ensure they convey the right message.
    • Ensure marketing materials stand out and are memorable.
  • InterNACHI’s upcoming Professional Inspectors Convention
    • Ian and his team will be presenting and available for consultations.
    • The convention is scheduled for October 10-12, 2024, in Orlando, Florida.

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