If you’re a residential inspection professional or tradesman specializing in commercial building systems (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) and want to play a bigger role in the industry than you currently are, take our online courses.

Becoming a commercial building inspector can be a great opportunity to provide commercial real estate professionals with the information they need to make important decisions and keep building structures and occupants safe. There is a growing need for well-trained professionals in this field, which means it is the ideal opportunity for you. But before getting started, it is important to have proper building inspection training.

Where You Get Your Education Matters

Once you have decided that being a commercial real estate inspector is something you want to do, you then need to find the right program to join and provide you with the information and training you need to succeed. The Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) is a great resource.

By joining CCPIA, you will get the in-depth education you need to perform inspections. You also gain the information you need to customize your service for different types of clients and building types. With the thorough training CCPIA provides, you can feel confident about your aptitude even in difficult situations.

What You Can Expect

This organization offers a wide range of benefits for new commercial property inspectors and experienced industry professionals. The availability of the online Commercial Standards of Practice Course means flexibility to receive practical education on your own schedule.

CCPIA also provides other online training and resources you can use on an ongoing basis. These are available to help improve your inspector skills, keep up with industry standards and grow your business.

Becoming a commercial property inspector can be a practical career path for property managers, engineers, home inspectors, electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, code inspectors, and alike industry professionals. With the courses, training and ongoing professional resources provided by CCPIA, you can count on developing the skill you need to excel in the industry.