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Here are the key terms to know:

  • Working space: The front clearance, side clearance, and height clearance requirements for electrical equipment that provide a safe area for maintenance, inspections, and other work.
  • Dedicated space: The space equal to the width and depth of electrical equipment in addition to the space extending from the floor to 6 feet above the equipment or structural ceiling.

The ComSOP requires inspectors to inspect for the lack of accessibility or working space (minimum 30 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 78 inches high in front of panel) that would hamper safe operation, maintenance or inspection.

Note that it specifically states the 36x30x78 Inches Rule. However, the depth of the working space may fluctuate based on what is situated on the opposing wall. Inspectors may choose to exceed the ComSOP and report on the working space variations discussed in the video. Here are helpful images:

The ComSOP doesn’t require inspectors to evaluate dedicated space, but it is an essential concept to acknowledge and understand. Dedicated space ensures the protection of equipment from potential damage or interference by other systems, preserving its accessibility, expansion, and operational functionality. Here is a helpful image:


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