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About this video:

CCPIA is joined by David Lowrey, the Chief Fire Marshal with the City of Boulder Fire Rescue, for a discussion about various sprinkler system components found in commercial buildings. He reviews the building’s exterior components, including the fire hydrant and fire department connection. Then, he moves to the fire sprinkler room to assess the fire sprinkler riser and related components. After that, he moves to the building’s interior to discuss fire sprinkler heads.

The scope for inspecting fire sprinkler systems for commercial property inspectors is specific and minimal. The ComSOP inspection requirements include verifying their presence in a building and determining whether they have been painted since leaving the sprinkler manufacturer. These can be complex systems and are assessed in greater detail by “qualified individuals.” The qualifications will vary depending on the AHJ. Some areas require individuals to attain a fire sprinkler contractor license to install, test, and inspect fire protection systems in general, like automatic sprinklers. This video aims to help commercial property inspectors better understand these automatic sprinkler systems.


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