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About this video:

Join Dillon Winiecki as he inspects a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof. SPF coating is applied by spraying a liquid onto the existing roof and allowing it to expand into a foam. SPF installations are commonly used in re-roofing projects and for repairs. The inspector’s responsibility is to identify the type of roof covering present and conduct a visual inspection. While many defects may be common across various types of roof coverings, certain coverings are more susceptible to specific issues than others.

The main issues and deficiencies identified in the video include:

  • Active ponding
  • Signs of previous ponding
  • Drainage-related issues
  • Openings in the membrane
  • Exposed or damaged foam
  • Blistering of the membrane
  • Delamination of the membrane
  • Signs of prior repairs

Blisters in Built-Up Roof (BUR)

Note that inspectors should never walk on damaged roof areas, such as areas showing signs of delamination and blistering, as this could worsen the damage. Inspectors should report immediate repairs and ongoing maintenance needs. It’s important for commercial property inspection reports to provide educational insights to clients.


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