CCPIA Online Courses - Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association

Exam Objective

The Online Commercial Property Inspector Exam is one of the requirements of CCPIA certification. The objective is to test inspectors on their knowledge of performing commercial property inspections and identifying commercial building systems and defects.

About the Exam

This exam consists of 125 randomly generated questions from an extensive and continually growing question pool. This means that each time you take the exam, it will be completely unique. The questions are segmented into 14 categories that are based on the procedures, ethics, and building systems and components outlined in the International Standards for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP).

The categories include:

  1. Attic and Ventilation: 5 questions
  2. Basement, Foundation, and Crawlspace: 10 questions
  3. ComSOP: 10 questions
  4. Cooking Area: 10 questions
  5. Decks and Balconies: 5 questions
  6. Doors, Windows, and the Interiors: 5 questions
  7. Electrical Systems: 10 questions
  8. Ethics: 5 questions
  9. Exterior: 10 questions
  10. Fireplace: 5 questions
  11. HVAC System: 20 questions
  12. Life Safety: 10 questions
  13. Plumbing System: 10 questions
  14. Roof: 10 questions

You’ll have 65 minutes for all 125 questions (an average of 30 seconds per question). To pass the exam, you’ll need a minimum score of 80%.

How to Prepare

We recommend taking advantage of our online courses to help prepare you for the exam. Visit your Education Dashboard to complete the related courses. You can re-take the exam an unlimited number of times. You will be able to review your individual category scores to help you determine your strengths and the areas of study you should focus on in order to pass the exam.