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About this video:

This video highlights the importance of establishing routine procedures that are followed during every inspection. A key strategy is using the macro and micro inspection approach during the exterior portion of an inspection. The macro view pertains to looking at the building from a distance, while the micro view refers to a close-up view of the building.

The general procedure for assessing the structure during an exterior inspection includes: 

  1. Macro approach. Focus on the four critical structural elements from a distance: plumb (vertical alignment), level (horizontal alignment), square (right-angle corners), and straight (absence of bends or curves). Look at the building’s parapet coping or roof ridge to identify any deviations. 
  2. Hybrid approach. Further focus on plumb, level, square, and straight, but closer to the building. Check windows and doors, and pan down walls from every building corner to identify any deviations, such as out-of-square or bowing.
  3. Micro approach. Begin to pinpoint deficiencies closer to the building. These typically include cracks and other siding issues. Use the information gathered from the macro and hybrid approaches to help determine severity of issues reported. 

This systematic combination of macro and micro viewpoints helps identify structural issues and accurately assess the severity of deficiencies. For example, if an inspector observes unlevel roof ridges while viewing the building from a distance, they can infer that the cracks observed up close may relate to a more serious structural issue.

Plumb, Level, Square, and Straight

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