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About this video:

A loading dock leveler, also referred to as a load leveler, is a piece of equipment commonly found at loading docks in commercial and industrial buildings. Its primary function is to bridge the height difference between the loading dock and the truck bed or trailer. It provides safe and efficient transfer of goods between the building and vehicles. The components can be visible from the interior or exterior of the building. In this video, we take a look at how to identify and operate them from the interior of a building. 

There are two main types of load leveler systems: 

  • Pneumatic Load Leveler: A loading dock leveler operated by compressed air. It uses an inflatable air bag to raise and lower the platform.
  • Mechanical Load Leveler: A loading dock leveler operated by mechanical systems like springs and chains.

NOTE: Loading dock levelers fall outside the scope of the ComSOP. They require specialized training to operate. This video is for educational purposes only. Inspectors should focus solely on identifying and reporting system inventory. Do not attempt to operate load levelers without the presence of a qualified individual.


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