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About this video:

Inspectors should be familiar with two types of doors along the means of egress: exit doors and fire doors. This video provides an overview of how to inspect these doors. To ensure thoroughness, inspectors should establish and follow a consistent inspection procedure, considering the possibility of numerous doors installed on a given property.

Exit Door

The term exit door primarily refers to a door that leads directly to the building’s exterior. The ComSOP inspection requirements include the following regarding exit doors:

  • Inspect the lockable exit doors for the presence of signs that state: “This Door Must Remain Unlocked During Business Hours.”
  • Determine whether the exit doorways have a minimum clear width of 32 inches.
  • Check whether the exit doors were locked from the inside, chained, bolted, barred, latched, or otherwise rendered unusable during the inspection.
  • Verify whether the exit doors swing open in the direction of egress travel.

The video goes over two examples in a hotel, including an exit doors in a stairwell and automatic sliding doors.

Fire Door

Fire doors, also referred to as fire separation doors, is a fire-rated door. It is designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke between different parts of a building. It functions by withstanding and containing flames and heat for a specified amount of time to allow safe egress through the building’s escape route. The ComSOP inspection requirements for a baseline inspection include the following regarding fire doors:

  • Verify fire door has an automatic closing device.
  • Verify fire door is positive latching.
  • Check the door isn’t blocked or wedged open.

The video provides an overview of a fire door inspection in a hotel, covering additional aspects that go beyond the scope of the ComSOP. Inspectors may consider incorporating some of these elements into their own inspection procedures. A few of these elements are illustrated below for reference.

Section 17 of the ComSOP, titled “Fire Door Inspections,” offers a detailed procedure and checklist specifically for fire door inspections. Inspectors may choose to offer this service to their clients as an ancillary service.


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