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About this video:

An electrical room inspection can encompass a range of equipment. It is important  to know what falls within the scope of the ComSOP and what doesn’t. In this video, the following items are within the scope:

  • Main service equipment
  • Main service disconnect
  • Electrical panels 
  • Transformers 

For all electrical equipment, it is important to assess working space. The 36x30x78 Inches Rule often governs working space clearances. It’s recommended to consider dedicated space, although it’s optional. Dedicated space refers to the area equivalent to the width and depth of electrical equipment, extending from the floor to 6 feet above the equipment or structural ceiling. Sprinkler systems are allowed in the dedicated space clearance area.

However, items such as elevator equipment, photovoltaic systems, and low-voltage electrical systems are outside the scope of the ComSOP. Elevator inspections are limited to “ride all elevators” in Section 6.5.11 Doors, Windows, and Interior. Telecommunication equipment and wiring are classified as low-voltage. Inspectors may choose to hire specialty consultants to assess items falling outside the inspection scope.


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