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Commercial property inspectors are not responsible for determining and reporting on code compliance, and code primarily lies beyond the interest of the most common types of commercial property inspection clientele. However, many commercial property inspectors like to be able to recognize code violations, especially on new-construction inspections, as it can indicate substantial defects and safety concerns.

CCPIA’s Commercial Property Code Inspection Exam Prep Tool is a compilation of commercial code-related questions based on the 2018 IBC (International Code Council’s 2018 International Building Code). Note that it is almost entirely outside the scope of the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP).

Exam Prep Tool Features

This online tool includes 300 questions that are related to the topics listed below. It educates individuals by testing their existing knowledge, and allows them to look up and research answers as necessary. A question overview table that tracks progress and completed questions is visible throughout the exam prep tool. It enables inspectors to easily skip and revisit specific items as needed.

When all of the questions are completed and submitted to the online system, the exam prep is graded instantly, and individuals can review all questions answered correctly and incorrectly. Below each item, a note displays that references the section in the 2018 IBC where the answer is located. To review this information, click “View Questions” from the exam prep tool results page.

Inspectors may also choose to submit their score into the CCPIA Leader Board, which ranks highest scores among all members who’ve taken the exam.

Exam Prep Tool Uses

This is a useful preparation tool for inspectors who are studying for the ICC Commercial Building Inspector Exam (B2), ICC-Certified Building Official Exam (BC), or the ICC Building Code Specialist Exam (CS). Additionally, some local municipalities have their own commercial contractor-licensing exams. This online tool is an excellent method for preparing for such contractor exams.

Exam Prep Tool Topics

CCPIA’s Commercial Property Code Inspection Exam Prep Tool covers the following topics, in random order:

  • Project Administration
  • Public Information and Legal Issues
  • Plan Reading
  • Fire Resistant-Rated Construction
  • Building Location
  • Interior Environment
  • Occupancy Classification and Type of Construction
  • Safeguards During Construction
  • Accessibility
  • Materials Quality
  • Interior Coverings
  • Footings
  • Step Footings and Special Foundations
  • Piles and Piers
  • Foundation Walls
  • Floor Systems
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Wood Wall Systems
  • Steel Framing Systems
  • Masonry Wall Systems
  • Concrete Wall Systems
  • Wall Reinforcement
  • Exterior Sheathing and Weather-Resistant Coverings
  • Roof-Ceiling Assemblies
  • Roof Sheathing and Coverings
  • Means-of-Egress Systems
  • Fire-Protection Systems
  • Smoke and Fire Venting Control
  • Interior Finishes and Insulation
  • Safety Glazing and Glass
  • Opening Protectives, Penetrations and Joint Systems
  • Miscellaneous Construction
  • Building Services and Special Construction
  • Fireplaces and Chimneys