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Array helps you improve productivity, workflows, and data collection across all your business operations internally, in the field, and customer-facing – all with no coding required.

Enterprise-level organizations use Array to create customer forms, tasks, workflows, and reports, all from a secure, branded, integrated portal.

With Array, commercial property inspectors can build out easy-to-use digital forms that can be submitted by their teams and customers offline and online from a desktop, IOS, and Android devices. Digital form submissions automatically output to documents and reports, saving you time and effort. Automated workflows allow you to send your customers final signed and secured documents.

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Prebuilt CCPIA Forms Are Ready to Put to Work

The specialists at Array have already built out more than 20 certified digital forms from CCPIA’s document library. All forms can be viewed and downloaded from the Array marketplace here.

To save you time and effort, these forms are ready to go on CCPIA account sign-ups on Array:

  • Commercial Property Inspection Agreement
  • Commercial Proposal
  • Reliance Letter

How to Access and Use Your Forms

How to Design Inspection Report

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