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In this episode of “Building Your Business,” host Rob Claus interviews Levi Nelson, an expert logo designer from InterNACHI®. The discussion focuses on the significance of logos in marketing and building a business identity for commercial property inspectors. The main discussion points include:

  • Importance of Logos
    • Logos are crucial for first impressions and branding.
    • Logos must meet the goal and service scope of a business.
    • Logos should look professional to help in building trust and credibility with commercial clients who expect a high level of professionalism and expertise.
  • Live Demonstration by Levi
    • Levi shares his screen to show the questionnaire and discusses its components for the design process.
    • He describes the process of creating logos, from concept to completion, using real examples from his work.
  • Examples of Various Logos
    • Levi shows that logos should be modern and clean cut for commercial property inspection businesses.
    • Levi walks through examples of different logo styles: modern versus classic, emblem logos, wordmark logos, and pictorial logos.
    • Each style’s advantages and limitations are discussed, particularly in terms simplicity and clarity, symbolism and relevance, and avoiding unnecessary details.
  • Technical Aspects of Logo Design
    • The logo’s design should appeal to the intended commercial audience and be appropriate for the industry.
    • Importance of scalability: Logos need to be recognizable and clear at any size.
    • Challenges with certain design elements like drop shadows and complex fonts which may not print well or look good on digital platforms.
  • Strategic Logo Design Decisions
    • Discussion on choosing the right logo style to match business goals and audience.
    • Importance of a logo that doesn’t limit the business scope, allowing for flexibility in services offered.
  • Practical Tips and Conclusion
    • Levi provides practical advice on ensuring logos effectively represent the business.
    • Discussion on the need for professional input in logo design to avoid common pitfalls and ensure effective branding.


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