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The goal of this course is to provide home inspectors with a solid foundation for understanding the key similarities and differences between residential and commercial property inspections.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • define residential and commercial inspections;
  • determine when to use a residential versus a commercial inspection standards of practice;
  • understand commercial real estate client profiles and their transaction timelines;
  • understand major similarities and differences between commercial and residential clients, buildings, and their systems and components; and
  • assess the local market for potential clients and the types of building to inspect.


This course offers the residential property inspector a foundation for transitioning into the field of commercial property inspection. It reviews the major similarities and differences from the marketing and business standpoint, as well as the inspection process itself.

The most common type of property that home inspectors start inspecting as commercial inspectors is the multi-family residential unit. The student will learn how to assess local regulations to determine whether a certain multi-family property falls under a residential or a commercial standards of practice.

This course will also help the home inspector get into the mindset of being a commercial inspector by highlighting the differences and basics of commercial versus residential real estate transactions, potential clients, the different types of commercial buildings, and their systems and components. The student will also go through exercises to assess their company’s marketing and branding and how to effectively adapt them to the commercial sector of the inspection industry.


  • Estimated Hours: 1.5 hour
  • Format: On-demand, self-paced with readings and videos
  • Word Count: 1,539
  • Length of Video(s): 1 hour
  • Included Materials: Critical thinking exercises, supplemental readings, and downloadable Certificate of Completion
  • Authors: Rob Claus, Contributor: Maggie Aey