You’re three steps away from having a commercial inspector profile to link from CCPIA’s “Find an Inspector” search engine for use by consumers. This may be the first impression you make to prospective clients. Complete this form with your commercial inspection services in mind – give commercial inspection clientele the confidence they need to hire you over other inspectors.

Every link on the free custom one-page profile leads to reasons to contact you now, or provides a direct means for getting in contact with you. However, the specific reasons to contact you are based on the customized information that you provide. For that reason, members should meticulously plan the information they provide to effectively convert visitors into clients. Please read how to create the best free profile through CCPIA before completing this form.

NOTE: We verify the authenticity of the information provided. Do not copy and paste text from an existing profile and submit it with your form. It undermines the SEO value of this membership benefit. Also, please proof read your content. We use the information as recieved.

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Sample Profile

Refer to the sample profile below when filling out the form. The number of each question corresponds to where it will be placed on your profile.