Systems (i.e., Heating Unit or Exhaust Fan) Inspection Videos

The goal is to follow a standard flow for videos to prevent jumping around which makes a video hard to follow. Here is the flow for videos of specific systems:

  • Intro to System
    • Introduce system and review purpose
    • Recite relevant ComSOP points (add ComSOP text on screen during editing)
  • Identification of relevant components (make sure footage is captured for all of the identified components)
  • ComSOP inspection & reporting guidelines (use our checklists if available)
  • Beyond ComSOP inspection & additional background information

Note: If inspecting multiple systems (i.e., four sinks) follow the same order and flow for each. This repetitive process will help students retain information.


ComSOP Building Videos

The goal is to demonstrate the flow of an inspection for a system within Section 6 of the ComSOP (i.e., exterior, plumbing, cooking area, etc.). Hit every item in the ComSOP. Here is the flow for videos of specific systems:

  • Plan the flow of the video as a whole. Consider key points under the system in the ComSOP.
  • Film section by section. Travis can set-up the tripod for each location. Be sure to go over shots with Travis before rolling. This will help him frame shot and best capture footage.
  • Get b-roll as back-up.



Whole Building Walk-Through Video

Determine the type of walk-through.

  1. Wholistic approach. This video has a quick pace and follows the instructor pointing out general items.
  2. Planned walk-through. This video has planned shots. (More details will be added when we film one.)

General Tips:

  • Rehearse shot first with team present.
    • Prepare team for info and points you would like to hit.
    • Prepare Travis for the camera shots.
  • Make sure videos can standalone on YT and on the website.
    • Avoid verbal transitions into other videos in a filming.
    • If appropriate, you can say things like, “We cover X in our HVAC Course available at” Or We cover X in our other videos about X. It’s not part of this this, so we’re not going in more detail in this video.”
  • Take pauses and cuts if needed. Don’t push through scenes if something isn’t coming to mind on the spot.
  • Highlight important terms and definitions. Take a minute to pause and read important definitions and discuss with Travis what should be displayed on the screen. The same goes for references to charts or other visual aids.