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Repair Pricer offer is now offering an exclusive discount to CCPIA members for commercial cost-to-cure reports. The reports provide repair and replacement cost estimates for defects and other concerns identified during a commercial property inspection. Repair Pricer saves inspectors time by eliminating the need to compile estimates, and can be sold to clients as an add-on.

This offer includes:

  • free onboarding (a $349 value);
  • 50% off your first two commercial reports (a $200 value); and
  • a free custom marketing package to advertise cost-to-cure services.

Message from Repair Pricer:

“How much will that cost to fix?”

It’s the first question many commercial clients ask after seeing their inspection report. Repair Pricer can help you provide these estimates while limiting your liability.

Since 2016, we’ve been helping inspectors grow revenue and referrals by leveraging our unique AI-powered solution that turns any inspection report into a highly accurate repair estimate. Our incredibly detailed reports are produced and reviewed by an expert commercial pricing team, returned in 48 hours or less (we work 365 days per year), give ZIP code-specific pricing, and work with any home inspection writing software.

And as a CCPIA member, you can now get started with 50% off your first two reports, plus a FREE custom marketing package designed to help boost your business and create a consistent stream of inspection referrals.

If you’re looking to grow your inspection business, boost your revenue, and create happy customers, there is no better tool than Repair Pricer.

No contracts. No commitments. No hassle.