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A mansard roof is a roof that rises by inclined planes from all four sides of a building. The sloping roofs on all four sides have two pitches, with the lower pitch usually very steep and the upper pitch less steep. Behind the mansard, is a low-slope roof.

Mansard roofs often provide interior access through a small door located on the low-slope roof. The interior of a mansard roof is considered as a confined space. While the ComSOP does not require inspectors to enter confined spaces, some may choose to do so if conditions appear safe. If the mansard space lacks a service deck, inspectors can inspect the interior from the doorway using a flashlight and camera. 

Since a mansard space is considered an attic space, proper ventilation is a concern. Ventilation is often provided through soffit vents. These venting components are visible from the underside of the mansard at ground level or at a different level of a multi-story building on the building’s exterior. Common defects associated with venting components include obstructions such as paint or openings that permit pests and weather to enter the space.


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