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About this video:

The primary components of a three-phase panel reviewed in the video include the label plate, busbars, crossover bar, and conductors. The video describes the main differences between these elements for single-phase panels and three-phase panels.

In general, inspectors should be aware that single-phase panels will have two live or hot conductors, and a three-phase panel will have three live or hot conductors. Also, a single-phase panel will have two current busbars and a three-phase panel will have three bus bars. Inspectors are not required to remove the dead front cover over panels to review the conductors and bus bars. Instead, they can read the label plate on the panel to determine whether it operates on a single or three-phase power system. Commercial electric panels require a higher degree of safety due to their cumbersome size and voltage. Inspectors must consistently adhere to safety procedures before approaching and making contact with a panel.


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