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This course teaches common operating procedures for commercial property inspectors, including writing proposals and calculating fees.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • describe the types of commercial property inspection clients;
  • define the different types of commercial buildings and describe their differentiating factors for pricing and inspecting;
  • develop operating procedures for handling incoming calls from prospective clients;
  • describe five methods for calculating fees for commercial property inspections;
  • create a fee schedule and fee matrix for inspecting different types of commercial buildings;
  • list the elements of a commercial property inspection proposal; and
  • format and draft a commercial property inspection proposal.


The How to Write Inspection Proposals and Determine Prices Course covers operating procedures and business practices for commercial property inspectors, starting when a prospective client calls through submitting a proposal for the job. It highlights the major differences between residential and commercial inspections and guidance for successfully adapting to the market.

Background of Commercial Real Estate Industry

The first section provides the student with a background in the commercial real estate industry to improve their ability to work with commercial real estate professionals and accurately bid jobs. It describes the nature of the market as well as common types of clients and buildings inspected. It also covers the various building systems and building design considerations for bidding and inspecting all types of commercial buildings.

Operating Procedures

The operating procedures section provides a roadmap for commercial property inspectors to use when the phone rings. It reviews step-by-step instructions for handling calls from prospective clients and setting company-wide business practices, such as customer service and procedures for collecting relevant information to accurately determine a fee.

Pricing Inspections

This section covers how to price commercial property inspection using five different methods, including performing calculations and creating fee matrixes. The course describes and demonstrates these various methods and provides guidance for the types of jobs each is typically applied to, including small projects, large projects, and multi-family properties. It also discusses variables related to operating expenses and costs to factor into fees.

Writing Proposals

The final section covers how to write a commercial property inspection proposal. It describes the considerations for inspectors to incorporate proposals into their standard procedure for quoting jobs. It covers proposal components and structures and provides a template for inspectors to customize to their business.


  • Estimated Hours: 4.9
  • Format: On-demand, self-paced with readings, images, and videos
  • Word Count: 10, 375
  • Length of Video(s): 1 hour
  • Quiz Questions: 15
  • Final Exam Questions: 45
  • Included Materials: Study Guide, worksheets, template documents, supplemental readings, and downloadable Certificate of Completion.
  • Authors: Rob Claus and Maggie Aey