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About this video:

Join Rob Claus as he assesses a fixed ladder during a commercial property inspection to safely access a low-slope roof. A fixed ladder is defined as a ladder that is permanently attached to a building or structure and is used to climb up and down. It is also referred to as a permanent ladder because it cannot be moved or carried.

Before using a ladder, at a minimum, check the following:

  • The ladder is not corroded, cracked, broken, missing, or otherwise structurally unsound.
  • The ladder is securely attached to the ground and/or building.
  • The ladder is positioned to allow proper head clearance while climbing.
  • The ladder extends beyond the roof surface for safe dismounting onto the roof’s surface.

The ComSOP states inspectors are not required to walk on any roof areas that appear, in the opinion of the inspector, to be unsafe. This applies to the safety of the means of access. Inspectors may choose to report the roof as inaccessible due to safety issues if fixed ladder issues are present, or they may opt to secure an articulating ladder to the fixed ladder for accessing the roof.

Another safety tip is to use a C-clamp on hatches so they don’t unexpectedly close. Unexpected closure of a hatch could potentially leave an inspector stranded on the roof.


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