CCPIA Marketing - Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association

Members of CCPIA receive free custom marketing videos with their membership. There are two custom marketing video options available that promote your certification and services.

The videos will have the following features customized to your commercial inspection business:

  • your name;
  • company logo placement;
  • company name and contact information;
  • your location and service area; and
  • a color scheme that matches your logo.


Video Options

Video Option #1: Custom CCPIA-Certified Commercial Property Inspector

This video highlights the inspector’s certification qualifications and emphasizes their commitment to following the ComSOP and CCPIA’s Code of Ethics. It assures your prospective clients that they will receive a comprehensive inspection and an unbiased, third-party assessment.

Video Option #2: Custom Commercial Property Inspection Services

This video provides an overview of the inspection process while showcasing your expertise. It reviews the main items inspected, common issues found during an inspection, and details about the final inspection report. It helps prospective clients better understand your service.


Next Steps

Complete the online ordering form by clicking on the button below. You must have an active CCPIA membership to access the ordering form. Members must complete the certification requirements to order Video Option #1 (the custom CCPIA-Certified Commercial Property Inspector video). All members can order Video Option #2 (the custom Commercial Property Inspection Services video).

When your video is ready, we will email you a video file to download so you can upload it to your business’s YouTube or Vimeo channel. You can also embed/upload the video to your website, as well as share it across various social media platforms to extend your reach and enhance your online presence. (We are not able to upload the video to your business website or social media accounts for you; we’ll only provide you with the downloadable file.)

Please have a high-quality .jpg or .png file of your company logo ready to upload into the form. If you are new to commercial property inspections and have “Home Inspection” in your company name and/or logo, we recommend that you adjust your branding to emphasize commercial inspections prior to ordering a custom video so that you can get the most of out of this CCPIA membership benefit.