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About this video:

This video provides a guide to inspecting the foundation and basement of a commercial building. It covers both the exterior and interior aspects of the inspection process. The video begins by focusing on the exterior inspection. It describes specific items to examine, referencing Section 6.5.4 of the ComSOP. These items include wood-to-ground contact, visible structural components such as grates, water entry caused by topography and drainage issues, and signs of foundation movement such as cracking reflected up through the masonry. The video then proceeds to demonstrate the inspection process for these exterior elements.

Moving to the interior, the video describes the different structural elements of the building, namely the perimeter structure (footing and foundation), inner support (beams and columns), and floor structure (joists). It emphasizes the importance of inspecting these elements and provides guidance on what to look for.

During the interior basement inspection, the video outlines additional items to focus on, again referencing Section 6.5.4 of the ComSOP. These include examining visible structural components, checking for water entry issues, identifying signs of foundation movement, and detecting any cutting, notching, or boring of framing members.


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