• Do most of you inspect kitchen cooking equipment when inspecting restaurants?

    The ventilation system should be a part of the inspection. It is something that most commercial inspectors should be familiar with. Most of the cooking equipment can be pretty complicated. I have always recommended that my clients bring in their chefs or an appliance specialist. There is an excellent article available to members on Commercial Hoods and Exhausts on the ccpia.org site.

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  • Do you test fire systems or sub them out?

    The COMSoP does not include the inspection of fire suppression systems. Most inspectors inventory and observe the installed systems and will bring experts in if the client is looking for more.

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  • Got asked to inspect 7100 sq ft office/dental space facility. I’ve never done a commercial inspection of this sort, only multi-unit residential properties before. Any recommendations for pricing? Located out near Seattle. I’ve heard 19-23 cents per square foot, but don’t have any real knowledge of commercial fees.

    The building use should not define your pricing since you are not inspecting the practice’s equipment. If you are following the ComSOP then you are really only looking at the box and the systems like, HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Roof, Structure, etc. Please make sure you have a clear proposal outlining your scope and then your pricing can fall into place from there. I am available if you would like to talk. rob@ccpia.org

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  • How do I charge for commercial inspections?

    There is a Price calculator available for members to use. There is also an article about the philosophy of pricing inspections.

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