CCPIA’s Commercial Property Inspector Mentoring Program is designed to help members develop foundational job skills and troubleshoot issues they come across on the job with one-on-one education and coaching, as well as a library of the most common questions asked by inspectors, which is available 24/7.

Need help getting started or growing your business? Need help landing or tackling a specific job? Follow these steps:

Option 1: Search for Your Question in the Commercial Property Inspection FAQ.

The Commercial Property Inspection FAQ is a compilation of the common questions asked by new and experienced inspectors from across the nation. Each question is answered by a Certified Master Inspector® who has found success in a career as a commercial property inspector. The FAQ is updated regularly and is free for everyone.

The FAQ covers topics ranging from business procedures and operations (such as effective marketing tips, fee schedules, report writing, proposals and agreements, etc.) to technical questions about specific buildings and components.

Search the Commercial Property Inspection FAQ

Option 2: Connect with a Commercial Property Inspector Mentor.

If the Commercial Property Inspection FAQ doesn’t answer your question and you need help with something specific, CCPIA will connect you with a Commercial Property Inspector Mentor. You have the option to call a mentor or submit your question online. This option is free for CCPIA members.

Get Connected to a Mentor

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